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The Nigeria of my dream – Okei David & Sikiru Akorede

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The Nigeria 🇳🇬 of my dream 💭
“Everyone dream , but not equally”
The gods dreamt of a land.
A land of peace and unity,
A land of justice and equality,
A land of slavery free and generosity, they dreamt of a government of amalgamation.
Although the land of the gods is blessed with resources and wealth.
At the crew of the cock, the whole community stood up with the thought that the night of hardship is over.
As the Heat of the sun is fastened to a high temperature, the messiah’s of the land show up.
The messiah

of our land came and preached peace and generosity.
They introduce us to a new way of life, they coached us and put temporary smile to our forefather faces. Jesus cried , I wept!
Our land as turn to land of dreamers.
Nigeria today, where life expectancy is one of the lowest in the world; where the health sector is more or less comatose. Even our so-called leaders and lawmakers will travel outside the country to have their medical check ups and treatment. Whereas the fate of that child with a hole in his heart is fastened to such. The mother, probably a petty trader whose capital is not enough for a television subscription, hits a road block because she can never afford to save and send her son abroad for surgery. In her state of despair, if asked what “The Nigeria of my dreams” is, she will tell you that a free, accessible and quality healthcare system is all that clouds her thoughts.
Millions of my fellow students will graduate and have graduated without employment. It is so saddening and makes me wake up in the middle of the night weeping. If we are to ask each and every one of them, they too will tell you their own “The Nigeria of my dreams” story.
While someone decides to spend three billion naira of taxpayers’ money on feeding, some children are going to bed without hope of knowing where to find their next meal. Young Fatima has been robbed of her childhood experience because she has been turned into a bride instead of being allowed to be the child that she is. Some of these street children only have one set of tattered clothes. Meanwhile somewhere in Abuja, our lawmakers are fighting over wardrobe allowances.
Even when sleep became a luxury that some cannot afford because of the rings of poverty, they still keep on dreaming.
So if you still wish to ask me “The Nigeria of my dreams” I will tell you that it is the dream in the heart of that young girl who comes back from school every day, only to hawk for her mother so as to add more money for her to save and get her more text books.
I will tell you that “The Nigeria of my dreams” lies in the heart of that father who lost his house and belongings to fire because the fire service did not respond on time.
I will tell you it lies on the sleepy eyes of that young man who has to wake up 4am to catch a bus going to lekki to get to the office on time, so that he would not lose the job and risk his ability to put food on the family table. He came home so late in the night that he couldn’t help his kids with school assignments.
I will you that it lies in the tears of the old woman selling by the road side, who is so unlucky that anti-street trading officials came to seize her wares because she could not afford a shop.
I will tell you that it lies on the sweat of the school gateman who earns a small salary as we walk by everyday without saying hello or getting him a chilled coke.
I will tell you that it lies in regrets of students that had to write university admission and matriculation tests four times because there is a limited capacity for enrolment that each public university can admit.
I will tell you that it lies in the pain of those who kept praying for a Nigeria that is free from all forms of terrorism. A Nigeria where the Muslims can go to mosque and the Christians can go to church without having fear of being blown to smithereens.

When will the dreams of our forefathers become reality when we children have been coached to be civilized burglars.
The education brought to us has been named scam when the purpose is been eradicated by professional Shoplifters.
Where is the hope of the past demigods, when no gods on earth again.
I pledge to my dear country is been reverse to a pledge to my dear self.
The dreams of our forefathers has not been eradicated but not fulfilled.
O God of supreme, manifest your power on this land and bring us peace, mercy and generosity. Our hope is on the Supreme Being.

okei david and sikiru akorede

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