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U.S elections; the votes, the ruling, and the fate!

by Faroun Ayomide

Trump and Biden

The U.S General Elections.

The Journey

As the election was approaching, both the “red” and “blue” party were in a state of high hopes and each expectations seems to be positive with each party clamoring for a free and fair election while their observers were anxiously waiting and preparing for a careful monitoring of vote counting and tabulations as the case may be. Each party cannot boldly say they would win as the race tends to be tight and very competitive. Strategies were being put in place by each party to ensure a victory but, it all depends on the populace. So, who then votes for who? The blues already had a Covid-19 death record blame and Racism/fascism accusation as a joker card which can be used to kick Donald Trump off the cliff while the Reds had the Economy restoration record as their joker. What then does the populace prefer? To pardon a Man who presumingly allowed the death of over 200k persons as recorded by John Hopkins and steadfastly projected by CNN? Or to vote in a Man who has occupied the public office(s) for over 40 years without tangible achievements? Do we go for a sudden Angel or the Devil that has been acquainted with us for a while? The decision to make is quite worrisome; on-air discussions, suggestions, questions, arguments, and the likes did not cease as people continue to learn more facts about whom they should elect. The media, Journalists, O.A.Ps, Presenters, Legal advisers, historians, writers, e.t.c started stirring and digging out facts that could be informative and quite educating for the populace. However, many of these stories were very complicating,fabricated, and misleading but, a reader/listener decides what he learns from and believes. Campaigns were held across the country by both candidates. Facts, lies, and falsehood were unleashed as each candidate tried to convince their supporters and hopeful voters why they needed to be voted for. They set forth/sowed a geometric progression of trust into the minds of their supporters. Hopes starts getting high as the day of election closes in. Oh….Americans are getting ready to decide! Who governs them for the next four years? Who decides the economic, and inter-relational fate of the Americans?

A lot of questions kept coming and rooting out. The first presidential debate doesn’t seem to give the Americans enough conviction on whom to vote for as each candidate(Trump & Biden) ended up with an impulsive,besetting,dishevel,and chaotic conversation. There was definitely a need for a second debate and it did came up and ended with some kind of hopeful comments which when juxtaposed, gave a bit relief to the anxiety of the supporters. Now, they have heard, learnt, and, are waiting to decide.

The Election

As permitted by the laws of some states, ballots are already being sent in and been counted while the majority were expected to vote-in-persons or by mail as the case may be, on the 3rd of November. The day came, and as expected, many persons trooped out and casted their votes while the two candidates took to their hot seats awaiting the result of the election. The hope of a free and fair election got dashed on a party’s side as the counting continued after 24-hours of the election day, and the result had not been announced, while it’s a hope in fullness on the other party’s side. Arguments started rising as some claimed that it was lawful, regardless of the length of days, to continue counting votes(until every ballot is counted) in some states while some debunked and claimed it was unlawful. The “Red’s” candidate took off to the court before the result was announced and filed a suit against late counting of votes and allegedly claimed election interference and the inaccessible situation of his legal observers into the ballot-counting offices, at least 20-30 feet away. The case was filed in key battleground states which are; Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, with all of the cases rejected and overruled by the court, permitting only the state of Pennsylvania to undergo a ballot counting check. However, the media already declared the Blue’s candidate(Joe Biden) as the President-elect while the Supreme Court is conducting the check for a free and fair election. Celebrations filled up the air as the assumed President-Elect, Biden begins to get congratulatory messages, calls, and wishes from international leaders and organizations. Yet, all hands are on deck and the Reds keeps their fingers crossed as they await the ruling of the Supreme Court. The story tends to thread a path of war now as the Blues contends against the legal moves of the Reds, accusing their candidate of not wanting to concede defeat as they had foreseen and rightly predicted few months before the election. Who rises at the end is the question as we all await the Court ruling and the Swearing in of the next number one citizen of the U.S by 20th January, 2021.

The Aftermath of the Election

The United States of America is a big Nation who seeks to stand independent and amass a wealth of Power and Influence to control the affairs of other Nations.

Should the Man who claims to keep the integrity of his Nation wins, hopefully the U.S would stand independent, proudly run her affairs internally without the interference of external bodies or countries, create an abundance of amenities and privileges that would satisfy her children and inhabitants over the next decades/generations. However, her development might be daunting or thoughtfully, awful as productive relationships may not be established and ascertained. 

And,should the Man who claims to unify the country and build extensive international relationships wins, hopefully the U.S would be a “blessing”, extending beneficial arms to immigrants and other countries, and winning the favor of other international bodies for future deals. However, this development could bring about an infringement on the total rights of the Whites and their future decisions might be influenced by many external bodies as they would have become stakeholders in the economic and social system of the United States.

What next now?

How should Americans decide? The ball definitely remains in their courts.

© November, 2020 GalaxyAyo

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