July 16, 2024
kidist kifle biography, (Artist), Early Life, Personal Life


Kidist Kifle Biography – Kidist Kifle is a name that resonates with controversy and artistic flair in the Zambian entertainment sphere. Though primarily recognized for her viral social media moment rather than her makeup artistry, Kidist’s story is a tapestry of resilience, personal growth, and the harsh spotlight of media scrutiny. This biography delves deep into her life, from her early years to her sudden thrust into public controversy, and her ongoing journey in personal development.

Kidist Kifle Bio Data:

Full NameKidist Kifle
Age22-24 years old
EducationDropped out in her second year at the University of Zambia
ProfessionAspiring Makeup Artist
Notable IncidentsViral video involving late singer Daev
Relationship StatusFormerly in a relationship with Yo Maps

Early Life

Kidist Kifle’s journey began in the vibrant landscapes of Zambia, where she was born into a family that valued humility and hard work. From a young age, Kidist exhibited a keen interest in the arts. Her fascination wasn’t with the strokes of a paintbrush on a canvas, but rather with the transformative power of makeup and beauty products. Her home, filled with the laughter and support of her family, became her first studio, where she experimented with colors and techniques she saw in magazines and on television.

Despite her passion for makeup, Kidist’s career aspirations were not initially directed towards the beauty industry. The societal expectation of securing a stable and conventional career led her to prioritize education. As a result, Kidist was an active and engaged student at her local schools, where she participated in various extracurricular activities that further sharpened her leadership and interpersonal skills. Teachers and peers alike recognized her as a vibrant and curious student, always eager to learn and contribute.

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Understanding the importance of formal education in her family and society, Kidist took a significant step by enrolling at the University of Zambia. This decision marked a new chapter in her life, one where academic pursuits were meant to balance with her personal passions. Her time at the university was a mix of academic challenges and personal explorations. She studied in her chosen field, which, while not directly related to beauty or makeup, allowed her to develop a structured approach to her interests.

While at university, Kidist continued to nurture her love for makeup by offering to do makeup for friends and family during special occasions. These moments were not just about applying makeup; they were transformative experiences that allowed her to bring joy and confidence to others, affirming her belief in the power of her craft.

However, Kidist’s university career was abruptly interrupted. Her life took a sharp turn when personal decisions led her away from the academic path she had been following. Despite the promising start, her academic journey at the University of Zambia was cut short as she chose to focus more intensively on her personal life, which soon became intertwined with the complexities of public attention and controversy.

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In this early chapter of her life, Kidist Kifle’s story was one of contrasts — between the expectations placed upon her and the personal passions she yearned to pursue. Her journey underscores the challenges many young individuals face in balancing societal expectations with personal dreams. Her experience at the University of Zambia, though not completed, was a formative period that equipped her with skills and insights that she would carry forward into the tumultuous times that lay ahead.

Rise to Public Attention

Kidist’s life took a dramatic turn when a video involving her and the late Zambian singer Daev surfaced on the internet. Originally intended as a private expression, the video went viral, catapulting her into the limelight under unfortunate circumstances. The video, which depicted a personal moment, was released posthumously after Daev’s tragic death in a car accident, adding layers of complexity and public interest to her life.

Controversy and Public Backlash

The aftermath of the video’s release was tumultuous. Kidist faced intense scrutiny and backlash from the public and media, critiquing her for her actions in the video and her perceived role in the events surrounding it. This period was challenging for Kidist, as she navigated the complexities of public perception and legal considerations, with the Zambian police taking an interest in the matter. Despite the harsh spotlight, no direct connection between her and Daev’s death was established.

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Personal Life

Kidist’s personal life has been equally eventful. She was in a relationship with Yo Maps, one of Zambia’s most influential artists, which added further media attention. However, the relationship ended shortly after the controversy, with Yo Maps distancing himself due to the backlash. This breakup was a significant personal setback for Kidist, affecting her both emotionally and socially.

Current Endeavors and Future Prospects

Currently, Kidist is focusing on rebuilding her life and career. She has taken a step back from the public eye to reflect and plan her future steps. Despite her early exit from university, Kidist continues to express her passion for makeup through social media platforms, sharing her work and slowly regaining a supportive audience. Her journey is one of overcoming adversity and looking towards a future where she can redefine her identity and career on her own terms.

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