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Nasboi Biography, (Musician), Early Life, Education,Career

Nasboi Biography – Nasboi, born Lawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji on March 13, 1992, is a dynamic figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene, celebrated for his exceptional comedic talent and musical prowess. From his roots in Osun State to his rise as a renowned entertainer and singer, Nasboi’s journey is a compelling testament to the power of creativity and perseverance.

Nasboi Bio Data:

Full NameLawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji
Stage NameNasboi
BirthdateMarch 13, 1992
BirthplaceOdo, Otin, Osun State, Nigeria
EducationUniversity of Uyo, Degree in Mechanical Engineering
OccupationEntertainer, Singer, Comedian
Notable WorksViral imitations, “Umbrella” feat. Wande Coal, “Small Money”
Influences2Face Idibia, Davido

Early Life and Education

Nasboi was born in the serene town of Odo, Otin, in Osun State but grew up in the bustling city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Raised in a devout Christian home, he deeply identifies with his Yoruba heritage, which vividly colors his comedic and musical expressions. His academic journey began at Bright International Nursery, continuing through Shalom International Nursery and Primary School. His secondary education spanned Istan Comprehensive High School and Ogba Comprehensive High School, both in Rivers State. Nasboi later pursued higher education at the University of Uyo in Akwa Ibom, where he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence alongside his artistic inclinations.

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Career Beginnings

Nasboi’s entrance into the entertainment industry was marked by his deep passion for music. Initially, he sought to carve out a niche as a musician, a path that proved challenging in the highly competitive Nigerian music scene. Despite these early obstacles, his relentless creativity and resilience shone through, setting the stage for what would eventually become a diversified career. Nasboi’s initial experiences in the music industry taught him valuable lessons about persistence and the importance of adapting to the market’s demands.

However, it was his pivot to comedy that truly marked the beginning of his ascent in the entertainment world. Nasboi began experimenting with short comedy skits on Instagram, leveraging his musical background to enhance his performances. His skits often featured a blend of humor, cultural commentary, and musical elements, making them distinct and relatable to a wide audience. This creative experimentation was pivotal, as it allowed Nasboi to explore various facets of entertainment, from acting and singing to stand-up comedy.

The turning point in Nasboi’s career came with a video that went viral overnight. In this skit, he performed an uncanny imitation of the Nigerian music superstar Davido. The accuracy of his impersonation and the humor he infused into the performance resonated with viewers, leading to widespread acclaim and a surge in his social media following. This particular video not only showcased his talent for mimicry but also highlighted his ability to connect with and entertain an audience through relatable content.

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The success of this viral video opened numerous doors for Nasboi. It not only increased his visibility but also established him as a rising star in the comedy sector. Following this breakthrough, opportunities to perform at larger venues and collaborate with other established entertainers began to flow in. Recognizing the potential of social media as a powerful platform for reaching audiences, Nasboi continued to innovate and produce content that engaged viewers both in Nigeria and globally.

This phase of Nasboi’s career was characterized by rapid growth and recognition. His unique approach—combining music, comedy, and impersonation—allowed him to stand out in a crowded industry. Each video and performance built on the last, gradually establishing him as a household name in Nigerian entertainment. His journey from a struggling musician to a celebrated comedian and entertainer is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, adaptability, and a clear understanding of one’s audience.

As Nasboi’s career progressed, his early challenges in music provided a strong foundation for his success in comedy. This blend of experiences enriched his performances, giving him a broad appeal that has continued to win over fans across diverse demographics. His story is not just one of talent but of strategic adaptation and the ability to captivate an audience with genuine, heartfelt entertainment.

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Musical Journey

While comedy first brought Nasboi widespread recognition, his musical talents have also been a significant aspect of his career. In November 2023, he released his debut single “Umbrella,” featuring the acclaimed artist Wande Coal. The track was an instant hit, leading to the widespread social media “Umbrella Challenge,” which further cemented his musical credentials. Building on this momentum, Nasboi released another single, “Small Money,” produced by Deeyassobeatz. This track highlighted his lyrical dexterity and ability to produce catchy, resonant music that appeals to a broad audience.

Rise to Prominence

Nasboi’s rise in the Nigerian entertainment scene is a narrative of resilience and innovation. Influenced by legends like 2Face Idibia and Davido, he has managed to carve a unique niche for himself, blending humor with musical artistry. His journey from relative obscurity to national fame is not just a story of talent but of relentless pursuit and adaptation. Despite facing criticisms and industry challenges, his spirit and dedication have propelled him toward greater heights.


Nasboi’s story is an inspiring account of a young Nigerian who transformed his passion for entertainment into a thriving career, impacting the Nigerian entertainment landscape profoundly. His journey from a young boy in Port Harcourt to a celebrated figure in Nigerian entertainment encapsulates the essence of determination and creativity.

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