July 16, 2024
Themba Lukhele Biography

Themba Lukhele Biography – Explore the transformative journey of Themba Lukhele, also known as Nzimade and Skeem GP, a former ex-convict turned host of Moja LOVE’s crime-busting show, Most Wanted. From his early life of crime to his pivotal role in bringing justice on television, Lukhele’s story is a vivid example of redemption and purpose.

Themba Lukhele Bio Data 

Full NameThemba Lukhele
Date of Birth1979
Place of BirthSouth Africa
AliasNzimade, Skeem GP
ProfessionTV Show Host, Former Criminal
Net Worth$2 million

Early Life

Born in 1979 in South Africa, Themba Lukhele’s life was characterized by early encounters with the law, leading him into a world of crime that included cash-in-transit heists, kidnappings, and impersonating law enforcement officers. His tumultuous youth was marked by his involvement in several high-profile criminal activities, shaping his deep understanding of the criminal underworld.

Transition to Media

After serving seven years in prison, Themba Lukhele emerged reformed, choosing to use his insider knowledge to aid law enforcement rather than subvert it. His unique background makes him an intriguing and effective host of Most Wanted, where his firsthand experience with crime brings a rare authenticity to the show. This role has not only redefined his public image but also positioned him as a pivotal figure in crime prevention and awareness.

Career Milestones

  • Hosting Most Wanted: Lukhele leverages his criminal background to help solve unsolved cases, offering a perspective that only a former insider could provide.
  • Public Speaking: Beyond television, Themba is an active speaker, sharing his story of change and redemption, inspiring others with similar backgrounds to reform.
  • Community Involvement: He participates in various community outreach programs aimed at crime prevention and youth rehabilitation.
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Professional Accomplishments

Throughout his new career, Themba Lukhele has been acknowledged for his unique role in media:

  • Innovative Approach to Crime-solving: Utilizing his past criminal experience for constructive purposes.
  • Inspirational Impact: His work inspires not just individuals in similar situations but also broader audiences, demonstrating profound possibilities for change.

Personal Life and Advocacy

Themba Lukhele’s personal life is largely kept private. He focuses on his career and advocacy work, promoting rehabilitation programs and supporting initiatives that prevent youth involvement in crime. His story is used as a powerful narrative to deter criminal behavior and encourage societal reintegration for ex-convicts.

Net Worth and Financial Insights

Through his television career and public speaking engagements, Themba Lukhele has accumulated a significant net worth, estimated at $2 million. His financial success is a testament to his ability to transform his life and capitalize on his experiences in a positive way.

Social Media Presence

Themba Lukhele is active on social media, particularly on platforms like Instagram, where he shares insights into his life, behind-the-scenes content from Most Wanted, and his ongoing efforts in community service. His presence online further enhances his influence and ability to reach a wide audience.

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Legacy and Future Prospects

Themba Lukhele’s journey from a life marked by crime to one of societal contribution has made him a symbol of hope and redemption. His ongoing work in media and community service continues to impact lives, proving that change is possible, irrespective of one’s past.


Themba Lukhele’s biography reflects a life completely turned around—from notorious criminal to a respected media personality and community advocate. His story is not just about personal redemption but also about making a substantial impact on society by turning past negatives into powerful positives. As he continues to host Most Wanted and engage with community projects, Themba Lukhele remains a profound example of the complexities of human change and the enduring power of second chances.


Who is Themba Lukhele?

Themba Lukhele, also known by his street alias Skeem GP, is a former ex-con turned host of the crime-busting show Most Wanted on Moja LOVE’s DStv channel 157.

What is Themba Lukhele known for?

Themba is known for his transformation from a criminal mastermind involved in heists and impersonations to a TV host focused on solving unsolved crimes.

What led to Themba Lukhele’s reform?

After spending seven years in prison, Themba emerged reformed and decided to use his knowledge and experiences to help solve crimes and prevent others from following a similar path.

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What show does Themba Lukhele host?

Themba Lukhele hosts Most Wanted, a crime-solving television show on Moja LOVE.

What type of crimes was Themba Lukhele involved in before his reform?

Before his reform, Themba was involved in major cash-in-transit heists, robberies, kidnappings, and impersonating law enforcement officers.

How does Themba Lukhele contribute to crime solving on his show?

On Most Wanted, Themba uses his insider knowledge and street smarts to help crack unsolved cases, bringing a unique perspective to the show.

What is Themba Lukhele’s net worth?

As of 2024, Themba Lukhele’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Does Themba Lukhele have a family?

Themba keeps his personal life private, and little is known about his family details, though he is rumored to be married.

What kind of impact does Themba Lukhele aim to have through his TV show?

Themba aims to not only solve crimes but also to inspire others who may be on a similar destructive path to choose a different, more constructive direction.

How has Themba Lukhele’s career transition been received by the public?

Themba’s transition from a criminal to a crime-fighting television host has been viewed positively, as it provides a compelling narrative of redemption and the possibility of significant personal transformation.

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