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Theophilus Sunday Biography

Theophilus Sunday Biography – Meet Minister Theophilus Sunday, a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene, renowned for his unique approach to worship that deeply resonates with his audience. Born on May 9, 1987, in Dekina, Kogi State, Nigeria, Theophilus has carved a niche for himself as a dedicated worship leader, often referred to by his moniker, “One Spirit.” His life’s work revolves around bridging the divine connection between man and God through his soul-stirring music.

Theophilus Sunday Bio Data

Full NameTheophilus Sunday
Date of BirthMay 9, 1987
Place of BirthDekina, Kogi State, Nigeria
OccupationGospel Artist
Net Worth$70,000
EducationKogi State University

Early Life and Education

Born into a culturally rich environment in Dekina, Theophilus Sunday’s early life was marked by a deep-seated love for music and worship. He pursued his primary and secondary education in Kogi State before venturing into higher education at Kogi State University, Anyigba, where he studied Theatre Arts. Graduating in the 2011/2012 academic session, Theophilus not only honed his artistic skills but also deepened his spiritual foundations.

Musical Career and Ministry

Theophilus Sunday began his musical ministry shortly after his academic pursuits, quickly establishing himself as a significant voice in the realm of gospel music. Known for his deep and heartfelt worship sessions, he has led numerous spiritual awakenings across various congregations and events. His style, characterized by spontaneous worship and chants, draws heavily from the influence of Evangelist Lawrence Oyor, creating a powerful and engaging worship experience.

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Notable Works and Musical Style

Theophilus’s discography includes a plethora of songs that have significantly impacted the Christian community both locally and internationally. His tracks, such as “Who is Like You Lord,” “My Life is Yours,” and “Take It Away,” are not just songs but prayers that evoke a deep yearning for God. His music is a blend of traditional and contemporary gospel chants that encourage deep spiritual reflection and communion with the Holy Spirit.

Personal Life

Theophilus Sunday is married to Ashley Whitee, a real estate professional and former beauty queen from Jamaica. Together, they share a life of ministry and mutual support, emboldened by their faith and love for God. Theophilus’s personal life is as rich and fulfilling as his public ministry, filled with moments of deep spiritual and familial connections.

Achievements and Recognition

While Theophilus has not yet received formal awards, his impact on the gospel music scene and the lives of his listeners is a significant achievement. His influence extends beyond music, as he is a sought-after minister at conferences, workshops, and church gatherings, where he shares his insights on worship and spiritual growth.

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Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Theophilus Sunday shows no signs of slowing down. With plans to expand his musical outreach and possibly venture into music production, he aims to continue his ministry, touching more lives and leading more souls to a profound experience of worship.


Theophilus Sunday remains a beacon of hope and spiritual fervor in the Nigerian gospel music industry. His dedication to his craft and his ministry continues to inspire and impact individuals around the world, making him a true ambassador of faith through music. With his ongoing projects and future endeavors, Theophilus is set to leave an even greater mark on the world, proving that music is indeed a powerful conduit for divine connection and spiritual revival.


Who is Theophilus Sunday?

Theophilus Sunday is a Nigerian gospel singer and worship leader renowned for his unique style of worship that blends chants and spiritual songs to invoke a deep spiritual connection with God.

Where is Theophilus Sunday from?

Theophilus Sunday hails from Dekina, Kogi State, Nigeria.

What is Theophilus Sunday known for?

Theophilus Sunday is known for his powerful worship sessions that typically involve gospel chants, creating an atmosphere that encourages deep spiritual reflection and communion with the Holy Spirit.

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When was Theophilus Sunday born?

Theophilus Sunday was born on May 9, 1987.

What education does Theophilus Sunday have?

Theophilus Sunday studied Theatre Arts at Kogi State University in Anyigba, where he graduated during the 2011/2012 academic session.

Is Theophilus Sunday married?

Yes, Theophilus Sunday is married to Ashley Whitee, who is a real estate professional and former beauty queen from Jamaica.

What are some popular songs by Theophilus Sunday?

Some of Theophilus Sunday‚Äôs popular songs include “Who is Like You Lord,” “Take Over,” “My Life is Yours,” and “Take It Away.”

Has Theophilus Sunday won any awards?

As of the latest updates, Theophilus Sunday has not been listed as having received any formal awards, despite his significant impact on the gospel music scene and his widespread recognition.

What is the focus of Theophilus Sunday’s ministry?

The focus of Theophilus Sunday’s ministry is to lead people into a deep and meaningful experience of worship that fosters a direct communion with God, often through spiritual chants and heartfelt worship.

How can fans access Theophilus Sunday’s music?

Fans can access Theophilus Sunday’s music through various online platforms such as YouTube, where he regularly uploads his live sessions and music. His music is also available on several streaming services.

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